If you choose to donate more than €250 a year (or €21 a month) through your payroll, your donations can have a double impact

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Khala Ndlovu, 8, in his classroom in southern Zimbabwe.  Khala's mother Pati, 37, and her market garden group are proud that it took them just three months to construct and begin producing food in their garden, once Christian Aid's partner Dabane Trust provided training, materials and equipment.  Pati says, "The garden crops have changed my life, and that of my family. Now I can afford school uniforms for all my kids; before they would go to school without wearing a uniform.” 

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Doing well by doing good: it’s not just a corporate catch phrase or nice-to-do anymore, it’s a must do for a growing number of businesses. A growing number of people expect businesses to not only “do good” but to provide opportunities for them to give back to causes that resonate with them. “Giving back” isn’t limited to consumer scenarios: employees also want to work for companies that care. 

One key way employers can engage their employees in giving back is through a Payroll Giving programme. A major driver behind the increased corporate appetite for implementing Payroll Giving programmes is the mounting research that shows that employees want to work for companies that care, that social responsibility is a consideration in employees’ decisions to join, stay with or leave companies, and that there is a link between social responsibility and engaged, productive employees. 

Payroll Giving programmes are also a great way to expand a firm’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme and to involve employees in ‘making a difference in society’. 

How it works

  1. Make contact with Payroll Giving in Action – an experienced payroll giving agency with expertise in this area and we will make a presentation to your key people in e.g. HR and payroll to outline the idea and later make a presentation to staff outlining the benefits of giving by payroll deduction. Your firm may decide to survey staff for their opinions. Help in relation to this is available from our staff.
  2. Your company could pledge to match in part or in full the employee contributions – this is known to greatly improve the take-up.
  3. You can ensure that the tax relief issue is much more efficient when channelling all of your employees’ donations through a single entity, the Payroll Giving Agency. By channelling money to charities through the Payroll Giving Agency, your staff will receive maximum tax advantage e.g. their €250 could then be worth €423 – even if it goes to a number of organisations. If your company is making matching donations it will also receive corporation tax relief.
  4. Staff can choose from a selection of charities from a broad cross section of the most impactful charities in Ireland.
  5. Payroll Giving in Action handle the initial administration and sign-up and the Payroll Giving Agency handles all subsequent administrative details in relation to tax reclaim. We will provide periodic report updates to your company as per the agreement with your firm. By working with us, you can support many organisations but only need to deal with one organisation. Even if you support different causes or organisations each year, you can retain the single administrative channel through Payroll Giving in Action, which greatly simplifies things for your company and greatly reduces your administrative overheads.


Sustain - giving to charity from your net pay

Sustain - giving to charity from your net pay

Sustain is a scheme, exclusive to the Republic of Ireland, offered and administered by Charitable Giving in association with Payroll Giving In Action.

The purpose of Sustain is to enable employees of Irish employers to donate in euros from their net pay to charities of their choice.


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To operate Sustain, an employer is first required to sign a contract with Charitable Giving to administer the scheme on their behalf. After a contract has been signed and the scheme has been promoted, with the assistance of Payroll Giving In Action, employees then need to complete a mandate instructing their employer to make a specified deduction from their net pay which will be sent to Charitable Giving for processing; at the same time, the mandate will specify how much the employee wishes to donate to each named charity.

The minimum deduction is €1.50 per week or €6.00 per month.
If desired, an employer may “match” their employees’ contributions on whatever basis they require; no
administration fee is charged on “matched” funding.
Donations may be eligible for tax relief and donors are responsible for initiating any claim. Details are available at www.revenue.ie.

Sustain is designed to provide sustainable giving to charities, i e, regular monthly giving from loyal donors.