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donate directly to a charity from your salary.

Oxfam Ireland

Maureen Khomba from Malawi has received a cow thanks to Oxfam supporters. As well as providing milk for her family, including her six children, the cow also gives her milk to sell to earn some extra income for her family."I sell up to 16 litres of milk a day... I believe that my children have the prospect of a bright future because I manage to send them to school because of the money that I earn from selling milk", Maureen says.

What your donation could do:

3 will pay for a life saving bucket. Specially designed to keep water safe and clean, with unique bases to make them easier to carry on the head, these buckets play a vital role in emergencies all over the world. And for those living long-term in camps, your gift will provide good-old fashioned jerry cans too 

6 will pay for drinking water for a family. People often needlessly die from water-borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid in the developing world. This is easily prevented with clean water.

Your gift will save lives. 

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Irish Cancer Society

Irish Cancer Society

One in every three people in Ireland experiences cancer at some stage in their lives, and the Irish Cancer Society is doing everything it can to fight cancer – to bring compassionate care to those affected by cancer, to communicate the importance of risk reduction to wide audiences, to support excellence in cancer research, and to lobby effectively for legislative and other changes.

Registered Charity No. CHY5863

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