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Oxfam Ireland

Maureen Khomba from Malawi has received a cow thanks to Oxfam supporters. As well as providing milk for her family, including her six children, the cow also gives her milk to sell to earn some extra income for her family."I sell up to 16 litres of milk a day... I believe that my children have the prospect of a bright future because I manage to send them to school because of the money that I earn from selling milk", Maureen says.

What your donation could do:

3 will pay for a life saving bucket. Specially designed to keep water safe and clean, with unique bases to make them easier to carry on the head, these buckets play a vital role in emergencies all over the world. And for those living long-term in camps, your gift will provide good-old fashioned jerry cans too 

6 will pay for drinking water for a family. People often needlessly die from water-borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid in the developing world. This is easily prevented with clean water.

Your gift will save lives. 

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Merchants Quay Ireland

Merchants Quay Ireland

A hot meal. A helping hand. Shelter from the cold, and rain.

Every day – right here at home – people who are alone and hurting turn to Merchants Quay Ireland (MQI) for many, many reasons.

As one of Ireland’s most beloved charities, MQI have served as a place of hope and dignity since 1969 to help men and women who are homeless... and hungry... and struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Thanks to the caring donations of people just like you, these men and women can find a second chance and a fresh start through MQI’s remarkably effective programmes and steady frontline services.

A safe place off the streets. Clean clothing and a hot meal. Crisis medical care. Trusted residential detox and drug-free rehabilitation. Jobs training, and education. In‑prison counselling. One‑to‑one counselling. Housing referrals, aftercare support, and more.

The need is great. But generosity like yours keeps hope alive. In fact this year alone we are honoured to serve 100,000 meals to the homeless and hungry here in Ireland.

Your kindness today will mean the world. Said one:“For the people who have funded MQI, I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart. I feel alive. I feel healthy. I’m very happy about the future. The donations that they give...I just want to say thanks for that.” When you choose MQI as your charity of choice, your donations will work for Ireland... right here at home... helping people who are hurting to know they have not been forgotten. To know there is hope. Thank you for caring.

Registered Charity No. CHY 10311

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Threshold is a national housing charity. We provide housing advice to help solve housing problems and prevent homelessness. Anyone who has a housing problem can contact us. We provide a free confidential telephone and face to face appointment service for tenants. We take on average, 20,000 emergency calls annually. That is equivalent to the every person in Swords having a housing crisis that could make them homeless...

We have provided housing advice primarily to people in the private rented sector for 32 years. We also help people who live in social housing, emergency accommodation and who are homeless. Thresholds services are unique – we help to prevent homelessness.

Early intervention in a housing crisis is proven to reduce homelessness.

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