Can you afford to donate one hour of your time?

Just one hour of your time could make a huge difference to so many people in difficult situations throughout the world.

Christian Aid Ireland

Khala Ndlovu, 8, in his classroom in southern Zimbabwe.  Khala's mother Pati, 37, and her market garden group are proud that it took them just three months to construct and begin producing food in their garden, once Christian Aid's partner Dabane Trust provided training, materials and equipment.  Pati says, "The garden crops have changed my life, and that of my family. Now I can afford school uniforms for all my kids; before they would go to school without wearing a uniform.” 

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Payroll Giving - working for a good cause

Easy way to give.

Payroll Giving is an easy way for you to contribute to charity on a regular basis through payroll deductions.

This method of giving reduces administration overheads for the charities, benefiting those who need our help most.

By donating a fixed amount from your monthly salary - in addition to donations from your colleagues using this scheme - you can make a big difference to the charities and their areas of work.

This also gives the charities the ability for longer term planning in its programmes, by knowing how much money will come in every month.

Double Impact:

If you choose to donate more than €250 a year (or €21 a month) through your payroll, your donations can have a double impact. The charities can claim the tax back on the donations.

The Revenue Commissioners allow Irish charities to claim back the tax portion on individual donations of €250 or more, in any tax year, as long as you're a PAYE only tax payer.

An annual donation of €250 could generate an extra

€62.50 at the standard 20% PAYE rate.

€173.72 at  the higher 41% PAYE rate.

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